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Hear Jeff talk about Live Forgiven:

Forgiveness is the cry of the human heart and yet few of us ever really live in it.  Instead we strive to establish our worth through our performance, the approval of others, the latest self-help plan, or even religion.  Liberating truths combined with practical application will help you discover the unexpected freedom and boundless joy of living forgiven.

Thousands are now reading Live Forgiven.  Scroll down to post your thoughts, comments, and questions here.

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  1. Stacy & Jeff, we love you two and are praying daily for your family.
    As Wayne Watson once said in a song, “Why are we turning here?”.
    God only knows and we can trust him with our very lives since we have Him on the throne. Living Forgiven, The Hatchels

  2. Dear Stacy & Jeff,

    We pray that you enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along. We speak of uncommon provisions to cater for all the expenses needed to take care of you. We pray for the blessings of God to overshadow each and everyone of you and restore you, Stacy, back to good health. So be it, in Jesus Name. Amen.

  3. Pastor, we mailed 3 of the books you signed for us at the Cup Filler. Those who received them are looking forward with anticipation to diving in. We thank you for taking the time to do the book signing! Folks from Houston, Granbury and Van Horn (West TX) thank you too!

  4. God is so good to have brought you two people & your family to minister to us and through us. I am sure you know that Stacy’s illness is not only a blow to your family, but to the entire church as well. She is the epitome of love , kindness and beauty. As I pray for you, Stacy, I am asking the Lord for a Miracle because I believe He will perform it.

    I’m claiming Psalm 16 in your behalf and praying it will minister to you as it has to me.

    Much Love,

    Bettye Bechtold

  5. Dear Friends,

    Thanks for being steadfast during adversity, being “real” as you lead us each sunday morning and loving us as a church family. It is a joy to my heart to see it each time I see you…What a joy to be blessed by you all….Stacy, how blessed you are to surround yourself with a beautiful family….you are surely in God’s favor….May you find strength each day, during your treatments, to smile and feel the sunshine! Also know that I pray for you daily and try to put myself in your place….All I know is that you have taught me about being a “graceful” servant….You are loved! Have a good week. Enjoy your girls senior homecoming this week. How proud we all are of the girls! Love ya, Binky

  6. Hey my dear sweet “girlfriend”. I miss seeing you!
    I heard you were at church Wed. (Oct.) for Starting Point. I’m really bumbed I missed you. I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home. Mike and mom both said they saw you. Mother said you looked great as always. Mike said you were looking forward to the Pork Tenderloin. YEA!

    I hope you are feeling well and I again will say for you to call on me for anything anytime. I love you dear friend and miss you. You and Jeff and the kids are in my prayers always.

    Love you lots!

    Cheri’ Wheeler

  7. Jeff and Stacy,
    We heard about the cancer from Mom and Dad about a month ago. Apologies for just now posting, but know that you have been in our thoughts and prayers regularly.

    Justin, Sherrie & Allie

    PS – Funny coincidence, I read a great book recently by a guy named Jeff Warren.

  8. Dear Jeff,
    I am attending a womens book study at Gena Flanary’s, every Sunday evening for 7 weeks.

    I want to thank you for your obedience in sharing what God put in your heart. I am only just finished with chapter 4. I do believe it is the most important
    book I have read, in my 48 years. I know God used

  9. I am very sorry. My laptop seems to have a mind of it’s own.

    Forgive me, I need to say more.

    God used Gena to rescue me with your book. I am telling everyone I know about it.
    I have a feeling that it is going to travel the world by world of mouth.

    I hope and pray, I have the chance to tell you in person, why I needed it so much and how it is and will effect my life and the lives of all those precious people, I love.

    My story is filled with,
    much pain and upheaval, although I was raised by wonderful and faithful Christain parents. Your book seems to be talking straight to me. It is obvious that it will speak to masses of others who are suffering, also

    Thank you is so small and insignificant, here. Yet,
    my daddy, taught me that gratitude is a must. So, I thank you and I thank God.

    Blessings, prayers and GRATITUDE,
    Becky Hooker

  10. Hey Becky,
    I praise God for the transformation He’s done/is doing in your heart and life in these days. I don’t normally take time (or have time!) to repond to the comments here but I just had to take a moment to celebrate with Jesus with you! I thank you for your encouraging words. If for no one else, God had me write this book for you.

  11. Jeff,

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you took your valuable time to respond to me. I am also thankful that Gena told me about it. I would have never checked, thinking, you would not HAVE the time.

    Gena, has been a constant source of Love, acceptance and guidance, in my life since the fourth grade. She allows God to use her at every turn.
    I love her.

    I pray we can meet, when it is God’s time.

    Love and blessings to you and your family.
    Thank you, again,
    Becky Hooker

    P.S. Please, do not feel the obligation to respond.

  12. I have just recently heard about Stacy and just wanted to quickly let you and your family know we are praying for you.

    Kashia, Emilee and Mason

  13. Just wanted you guys to know that I pray about Stacy and You and your family alot. I coach and teach at Ennis High School. We live here in Mckinney and love the things Christ in doing with Church and the community. I just wanted you to Christ has touched me through you. My family is touched by christ to. Philippians 1: 12-26 reminds me of you and your God given drive to spread the Gospel. I am conquering my own fears and stepping out in faith to show Christ. God Bless you Stacy and Jeff and family.

    Rodney, Lauren, and lil Rylan

  14. Jeff: Just wanted to tell you how powerful I (and others I have spoken with) felt your message was yesterday morning. Grace Defined and your personal passage (2 Cor 5:21) provided a strong and important message to all of our Church Family.

    Sin – Grace = Guilt and Sin + Grace = Gratitude is now on the wall on my office and will serve as a daiy reminder how important receiving, giving and living in His grace really is.

    Thank you for being our Spiritual Leader and please tell Stacy we continue to pray for her everyday! Our God answers prayer!

  15. Oh WOW!!!! I have been floating around in a crazy new world after reading the last two sentences of Page 98 this morning in the beautiful book that you and God have written for us!!! It says: “Faith (receiving forgiveness) without action (living forgiven) is no faith at all. Could it be that being a Christian is not what we think it is?”

    JEFF!!!!! LIVING FORGIVEN IS THE ACTION!!!!!!! I have always known in my heart that our definition of “action” just couldn’t be right — Oh my goodness!!!

    Sorry, I am just astounded and so in love with this incredible God Who loves us so very much. It is overwhelming and so very warm and cozy at the same time.

    Okay, I have to stop and get back to work. Thank you so much for opening up your heart and soul and allowing God to write this book through you ~~ He speaks to me through this book in every word. He is so cute like that 🙂

    As always, Stacy and your amazing family are so close to our hearts and in our many prayers as God carries each of you down this wild journey of faith. You “jumped” and He is catching you over and over!

    Remember Whose you are ~~

    I love you so much.


  16. Gena,

    I’ll say,”WOW”!

    My Love, prayers, praise and Gratitude,

    Becky (your friend)

  17. Man, your song today was incredible… I know you are so humble that you do not like to hear complements – but I just had to tell you how much I loved it. God got the glory – as we watched you sing with a mighty passion for our awesome Lord.

    About the book, pastor Jeff, I do not read. If a book doesn’t come on CD where I can listen to it on my iPod… I don’t read/hear it! I read your book because it was about to be taught by one of my volunteers at Dawson – and I was praying about making it part of a new curriculum line up within Seed Sowers. All of that to say – I was not reading this book for myself. I feel like I live a life of freedom in Christ. The past four years of my life I have dedicated to help inmates find the freedom I have found. WELL, I had nooooo clue that this book was going to disclose bondage that I was unaware of.

    I finished the book about three weeks ago – and it is amazing. Jeff, my life is so different. I have a new awareness – a new way to handle my circumstances. Grace. That little simple word has taken on a new presence as I acknowledge it in a new dimension… if that makes any since at all to you. Where I thought I had grace before… there is now total grace. And I am learning how freeing it is to not only accept it from God but to give it to others… and to give it to myself.

    Thanks Jeff… for the way you allow God to use you. I am so grateful for your family and each of you are in my prayers… especially Stacy. I pray for you guys often and feel so blessed to have a pastor like yourself.


  18. Jeff,
    Your song yesterday at church brought me to my knees in tears and adoration! When we started singing, “He loves me” over and over again I got this sense that God was actually whispering those words in my ear. Thank you for that song. Did you write it or is it readily available?
    Also, I am having a community group meet at my home and I just want to say “WOW!” Your book is so inspiring to me and the other ladies who are walking through it with me. I just read through section 4 and my heart is so full of the grasp of grace. I want to just shout it from the rooftops that we are ALL forgiven and God’s purpose for us is SO much greater than the plan we have for ourselves!! The Lord is using you in a great way through this book and I thank you for your enthusiasm in getting the word spread about it.
    God bless! Stacy we love you and you are in my thoughts daily. You are an inspiration to me.

  19. Jeff, and dear Stacy,
    I’m sure you are aware that you continue to be in our prayers.
    A dear friend in Huntsville, Alabama has an extensive, effective prayer team, and you have been placed on their list. This team of prayer warriors is praying for you every day!
    It is a blessing to see how deeply you and family are loved. Joyce and I love you too, and join the host of people who continue to lift you before our Lord in prayer.
    Bailey and Joyce Stone

  20. You brought a new insight on forgiveness this morning. I do not know if I have thanked God for “the gift to forgive.” Knew it is the Holy Spirit that makes it occur, but this is a new way to thank God.

    Your music last week was just wonderful. Blessings on you and your family.

    Jean Jernigan

  21. Jeff and Stacy

    I see God working so much in your lives. I saw how much you love each other as you sat together in church Sunday and listened to the wonderful praise music. My heart was not only moved by the music, but by God’s love shown through you ! How blessed you are to have each other and your family. I looked at Emily the other day and saw Stacy’s beautiful eyes and soul.I pray daily for your continuted strength and healing….may you know you are loved!

  22. The EGG Group is a 17 year small group that started out as an an Experiencing God Group. Currently we are participating in the Live Forgiven study which has inspired us to think about whose we are, what we are here for and that we are not defined by our accomplishments or the approval of others or the church we attend. We appreciate the books emphasis and the reminder that our significance is in the Lord. After this length of time as a functioning small group we challenge others to be vulnerable and real with one another. Byrd, Muecke, Otteson, Paschal, Presley

  23. Jeff,
    I wanted to tell you that the version of John Mark Mcmillan’s song “How He Loves Us,” rocked the house! Way to go pastor. Is there a recording contract in your future? Would love to hear the arrangement from New Community on a DVD with Carol Haskins playing Cello, Robert Till on guitar and Jack Haye on keyboards. Outstanding arrangement! Glory to God. We are still singing that song!
    The Bain Family

  24. Yes I am going to buy two of your books on (liveforgiven) but how do i buy the dvd and where? I’d like to purchase that as well.
    thank you ,Cathy Moore
    Becky hooker my first cousin in texas told me about your book helped her so much and is spreading the news to me and my sister. and others.

  25. Hey Cathy- just click on the e-mail link just under the book cover at the top of this page. Thanks! Nora will take care of you. May God use Live Forgiven to change lives…
    In Him,

  26. Thanks a lot, Jeff…….I thiought I had pretty much figured out how a mature Christian thinks and acts and lives – not that I was even doing “that” right all the time, but …..

    Then, like a blinding flash of the obvious, comes Live Forgiven and I’m again awed in child-like wonder at God’s grace. At the same time, I fear (there I go again)I have wasted so much of that grace during the time that I didn’t (understand how to) fully embrace it, because I didn’t believe I was worth it (I wasn’t), didn’t think I’d earned it (I couldn’t), and carried so much guilt I couldn’t let it go (Christ already did).

    Thanks to you, Jeff, I’m out of excuses. Thanks to you, I have to start over.
    Thanks to God’s grace, I’m looking forward to the journey.

  27. Hi Jeff,
    Just got off the phone to two Pastors who have been trogh your material ‘Live Forgiven’. We are very excited about your trip in February to Cape Town.

    We have a full program for you already and believe God is going to use you in many special ways.
    Its ‘Valentines’ weekend so we are looking at a couples dinner that evening which you will speak at also.
    Have also enjoyed reading the material myself Jeff and am planning to do a ‘small Group study’ myself in the New Year. I hope to discuss with you how we can get this material into churches around the country using the publishers of Barbara and I book.

    Have a blessed Day, John

  28. Hi Jeff and Stacy! Just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers. We missed this past Sunday to take the boys to see Clemson (beat up on Duke)! Great weekend but we look forward to getting back to hear you at FBC. Stay strong!!!!

  29. Hey Jeff:

    Last Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve) at around 6:30/6:45AM I was driving to my doctor to have my stiches removed from my hand surgery before we left town for Thanksgiving. I was listening to the Journey with Tom Dooley on 91.7 FM. I heard him talking about something that sounded familiar I even finished his sentence. His show was just about over for the 6:00 hour when I heard him say “I want to thank Dr. Jeff Warren for his fine fine book Live Forgiven available at Christian Book Stores”. I don’t know if you are aware but Mike and I bought and sent Tom a copy of your book right when it came out. We told him we have been supporters and long, long time listeners of his program The Journey and told him our Pastor and friend had written this book for small groups throughout McKinney and beyond and thought he, Tom, might be interested in doing a series on your book. As you can tell I was so excited when I heard him. He has named the series something lik getting rid of spititual gilt or something but I can’t remember. Just tune in this week and beyond at 6:00AM because he has just started and as of today, Dec. 3 he’s on chap. 6. His broadcast goes all over America. I hope you don’t mind us doing this but we felt lead to do so and we did tell Tom to contact you to get permission so I hope he did.

    God Bless,

    Cheri’ and Mike Wheeler

  30. Mike and Cheri- Wow! I just finished an interview with Tom Dooley for his show- next Thursday and Friday (from 7-8). Very cool. Thanks for sending the book to him… it’s truly been a “God thang”. amazing really. Love you.

  31. Dear Stacy and Jeff,
    Two of our very favorite people! We are praying for both of you. Marjanna and I have talked numerous times about the times with you two. That was before your children, even.
    Please know that we will continue to pray for God’s best for your family.

  32. Dearest Stacy,

    First let me say Merry Christmas!
    Stacy, I am usually a very shy person who keeps my words and thoughts to myself but I am working on that.:) I have been wanting to write you for a long time. I have been praying for you and praying hard for speedy healing! I have been wanting to send you a card, something, but what to say? What words can I share? What gift can I give you? I have been pondering this for months now. I want you to know that you have many people, prayer lifters, out there praying hard for you all hours of the day and night. I have had five close family members fight cancer as well. I have noticed that the fight made them each stronger in different ways. You will also be on my prayer list even after you get through this bump. I wouldn’t say you are in a valley, but on a bumpy mountain top road running the race because God is near and dear.I know this letter may sound silly, and I wish this blog was just between you and me because I am so shy and not so sure about my grammer or spelling, but something told me right, well actually 4:30 this morning to just write you already! 🙂 You know, I have really been wanting to get you a gift, but what? I think about it every other day or so. Honestly, every time I look at the pennies in my wallet I say a prayer for you and others, for I always am reminded of the sentence In God We Trust. I trust God will get you over this bump in the road and running on a smoother road to the finsh line soon! I am so scared to send this letter, so scared to push that submit button. Well, I must I guess. I really feel you need this, and I don’t know of many other ways to give you a letter, so I will just send it in my pj’s.:) I don’t even think I’ll proof read it, I will must likely delete it again. Anyways,
    Please know that there are many prayers be lifted for you. God Bless You! I will be waiting for you at the finish line, cheering you on! 🙂
    See You There Soon!
    In His Love,
    Summer Wiggins

  33. Have really enjoy your sermons on “Fear”. As we go about our days and if things get in our way, we just remember the Bible says “Fear Not” God is always with us. It has been a comfort as we journey with our grandson, Bailey.

    Pray for you, Stacy & Family everyday. L, SU & RKU

  34. Jeff, Your book is circling the United States as I am able to share it with friends and kin.

    Our son Richard formerly worked with Molly Brewer who recently joined our church. Her comment: Why was your Dad in Jeff’s book?

    Jack’s book is ready for printing. I hope it can be ready for April 1999 as the Warren Era begins its 2nd decade!

    You and your family bless me every day.

  35. Jeff: WOW that is what I say about your interview with Tom Dooley. I just got through listening to it. It made me cry when you spoke about the gay community. I can relate to you b/c I have family members and friends who are gay. Your love and compassion is overwhelming! I feel the same way as you. I love ALL people FIRST and don’t condem them. They know what I belileve and I share the truth and then leave the rest to God. I praise God that I have a pastor and friend as you who believes and especially LIVES this message of GRACE.

    God Bless you my friend.

    Cheri’ Wheeler

  36. Jeff: Second and final day to hear your interview with Tom. Tom sure knows how to put his guest on the “hot seat”. You held your own. HA! I was truely blessed by you and Tom. Tom, like you, is a GREAT guy and tells it like it is and like you really loves people. Again, great job and may our Lord God be praised and people live and walk in His grace!

    In Christ,

    Cheri’ Wheeler

    P.S. For anyone who hasn’t heard the interview go to and click on Lsten to the Journey Live and then download Thurs. and Fri. Hour 2 Program and you will hear this GREAT conversation between these two great men of God.

  37. Jeff:

    I’m not sure how to get to your blog, but Bill and I just wanted you to know that we listened to you and the web Sunday. We were so touched and moved by the song that was made for FBC many years ago.

    It is so wonderful to be able to be able to hear and see you preaching even when we are out of town.

    Bill’s brother passed away very suddenly early Thursday morning. We left for Georgia that day. This was a terrible shock for Bill. Walter was his only brother, only sibling!!!

    In Him,
    Loretta and Bill

  38. To Our Dear Pastors; Jeff, Stacy and Family:

    I am dropping these few lines on behalf of the Rincon Family. Just to let you know that we are praying for you and your Children. May God give you the strength needed to overcome the adversities that come to us as we pass through this life? We love you and respect you. We are also praying for the church’s staff. We want to let you know that we appreciate all of you and want to encourage you to continue with the work that God has entrusted you to do.

    Our Love

    The Rincon Family

  39. 10 years! Jack wrote in THE HARVEST that Deacons and wives met the Warrens on Saturday March 13, 1999. “All were impressed with the Warrens.”

    Thank you for “Living Forgiven”and teaching me to LIVE FORGIVEN. God is so good.

  40. Dear Jeff and Family,

    I recently heard of your book through an old friend. I can’t wait to experience it. If the book has a tenth of the wisdom and goodness that you show me 19 years ago; then it must indeed be a huge success.

    Jeff, I needed to take a moment to thank you for saving my life. Years ago in 1990, you were the youth pastor at our church PCBC. Our mother committed suicide and it devistated my twin sister and myself. You were uplifting and amazing through that most difficult time. You even recorded a song for us on a cassett tape, so we might listen to it in our time of need. You may not even remember these events and that is okay. I just wanted to make you see even the smallest effort to reach out to a young girl, made a world of difference. You made me realize that our lives would go on and the pain would ease. You truely saved my life. Everything seemed so dark, I was becoming very depressed. Your heartfelt words and wisdom got me through the hardest time in my life.

    You are a gift of God! So thanks to you and most certianly to Him.

    My Utmost Respect,
    Mona Sager Shelton

  41. Hey Pastor Jeff,,,Our Church Young Adults group @ Maranatha Baptist in SA are studying this book and we are growing in Christ and loving these lessons,…GOd Bless

  42. We are praying for you, your family and ministry. What a blessing to have been in the FBC Family. Your are truly God’s man! We love you. Roz, Kenny and K,II

  43. Pastor Jeff,

    It was good seeing and hearing you today at the preschool graduation.

    As the father of three daughters I want to share with you that high school graduation is certainly a high water mark in your daughters lives but hang in there dad as you will totally lose it when they graduate from college and the really big one when they get married. Having experienced all three I can tell you they are still and will always be your little girls.

    Additionally when I returned to my office this afternoon and was sharing about your message a lady in our office said that her brother went to East Carolina with a Jeff Warren, his name is Michael Hester. There father went to Southwestern Seminary and lead mission trips all over the world.

  44. Bro. Jeff,

    Thank you for taking the time to write us an encouraging note to help us during the time that GOD has given us with Bailey, our grandson. He is in HIS hands. We just want to handle this in the way that others can see Christ.
    We pray for your family.
    Ronald & Sue Umphress

  45. Can’t believe the time has passed. What a wonderful story you have to tell. It is amazing how God continues to show the next journey. I am so proud of you and I will look forward to your story and the path that God has laid for you. I am continuing to pray for you and your family. We have been blessed to know you.

    Andrea, William, Jamie and Ashley

  46. Dear Pastor Jeff,
    We have not met. My wife, Sherry, and I are IMB missionaries who had the privilege of being the guest of FBC in 1972-73 on our first furlough from VietNam. We have many special memories of our time with FBC. The pastor at that time was Dr. Mack Roark whom we had known since university days in Oklahoma (OBU). One of the deacons from our earlier pastorate in Cheyenne, Oklahoma, Mr. J.L. (Jim) Bradshaw was also partly responsible for our being invited to spend that year with FBC.
    We have not been back on a statesde assignment for the past five years and I have lost contact with Jim. Is Jim still living and if so is there a phone number that will reach him. We will be returning to the USA for two months (August/September and would really like to see him. Thanks for your help. We would like to visit FBC in the near future. Blessings! Earl and Sherry Bengs, Penang, Malaysia

    • How great to connect with you. and what wonderful friends at FBC McKinney- it is a great church filled with great people. Yes, Dr. Roark is a wonderful man and he was a wonderful pastor in his time here at FBC. And Jim Bradshaw is one my dear friends. He prays with me every Sunday morning in the Chapel before services with several other deacons. He is 84(?) perhaps and in amazing health. However, about a month and a half ago he had an episode (perhaps a mini-stroke(?). I have not spoken to him (as I’ve been gone on sabbatical for the past month). Did not see him at church today. all that to say, he would LOVE to hear from you! His phone number is (972) 542-6516.

      God bless you and all the wonderful work you do (and have done) every day! Come see us in McKinney! Jeff

      Dr. Jeff Warren Lead Pastor / FBC McKinney / Blog:

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