Posted by: Jeff Warren | September 1, 2011

When Christianity Becomes Idolatry

Excerpt from Matt Johnson

Even good Christian theology can become an idol. When Christian belief is information detached from the substance of Jesus’ objective work on the cross for sinners, it becomes idolatry. Like it or not, you and I are guilty of it. How so?

• Do you live for the approval of others in the church?
• Do you stew over your spiritual performance and personal holiness more than you steep in what God has already accomplished for you in Jesus?
• Are you prideful about your biblical knowledge?
• Do you love to debate finer points of theology with others and get angry when you’re challenged by your views?
• Are you feeling burnt out and joyless in your service to those in the church?
• Are you uncomfortable with suffering people and find you’re quick to recite Bible verses as a way to avoid awkward, personal engagement?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, there is a good chance you have taken God’s good gifts and used them for your own selfish purpose. You have used God to make yourself look good through your service, your knowledge, and personal growth. This form of idolatry is hard to detect because the “fruit bearing” looks good to everyone else. Let’s face facts though; it’s idolatry.

The problem is, like the Pharisees, we prefer our safe religion over the death of our selfish spiritual aspirations.


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