Posted by: Jeff Warren | December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods: More will never be enough.

We’ve proven again that in this age of technology, in which everyone has opinion (and the ability to express it), we have created our own Tower of Babel.  Much being said, but very little is intelligible, thoughtful, or helpful.  Out of the noise comes this editorial (link below) from the Dallas Morning News.  This is probably the best perspective I’ve seen on the news of Tiger Woods.

It reminded me of the parable of Jesus in Luke 12 of the man who wanted bigger and bigger barns.  He had all he needed but he wanted more.  Jesus is reminding us that apart from a life with God, more will never be enough.  We will never be satisfied until we are completely satisfied in Him.  Of all this lessons learned from Tiger’s situation, this is the most powerful.  According to our world’s standards, here’s a man who had everything one would ever need in a hundred lifetimes (including a beautiful wife who seemed to love him very much). But it wasn’t enough.  What should this tell us about the human condition?

I’ve prayed for Tiger.  Perhaps he’s realizing he’s not more influential than Jesus Christ (as his dad prophesied) but in fact, needs to be influenced by Jesus Christ.  I pray this will lead him to see that he’s not the Savior and is, in fact, in desperate need for a Savior.  How else will he find forgiveness?   And before we throw anymore rocks at Tiger, let’s stop and look at our own lives.  Am I longing for more when I’ve been given more than enough?   Have I come to a point in my life where I am fully satisfied in God alone?



  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Jeff and for the article link. Here’s another post by Albert Mohler that you would appreciate.


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