Posted by: Jeff Warren | November 2, 2009

The High Price for Delayed Obedience


Jonah is yacked up on the beach!

The story of Jonah reminds us that we do not set the agenda for God’s call our own lives.  You and I must get to the point where we answer God’s call on our lives with no strings attached.   Jonah shows us that delayed obedience can come with a huge price tag.  He said “no” to God then was caught in a storm, brought to a suicidal state, thrown into the sea, swallowed whole by a giant fish, and vomited up on the beach.  Just ask Jonah: When God speaks we need to respond immediately.

What are you currently going through that could be the result of delayed obedience?  Let Jonah remind us that God’s plans supersede our own plans and desires. When we chose not to obey, it doesn’t mean that God will not accomplish His purposes.  It does mean, however, that we don’t experience the joy of being used by Him.  In the end, (even though God used Jonah) it was Jonah who missed out.  There is a high price for delayed obedience!


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