Posted by: Jeff Warren | August 27, 2009


I’m starting a new campaign (not really but play along).  I think the whole “What would Jesus do?” is a great thing.  Good question, but not the best.  The better question is, “What is Jesus doing?”  The former relegates Christ to a religious figure of the past that we imitate, while the latter recognizes Him as alive and still at work in our world.  We need to get back to the power of the forgotten God of the Trinity.  The Spirit is the only means by which we can live the Jesus life.

The challenge today is not new programs, new music, new versions of the same old thing.  Let’s be innovative and relevant but remember that the greater challenge is to allow ourselves to be broken before God, confess our desperate need for Him, and bow to His purposes for us.  We don’t need more church programs.  The Church is already deployed across every realm of culture.  What we need is the power of the Holy Spirit directing every life.  The point is not imitation as much as it is inhabitation.  As we seek the Spirit we become more attentive, responsive, and obedient to His promptings.  Jesus meant what He said: “Apart from me you can do nothing.”



  1. Yes! This is where I need to be. Thanks Jeff!


  2. Jeff

    I have found your website, and have been reading. i am from Bangladesh. I am doing evangelisms, here in Bangladesh. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Here is my email-

    Mortuza Biswas.

  3. In order to ask WIJD you would have to know exactly WWJD. Sacrifice discipleship and strong doctrine for action will not save anyone. Jesus is doing what he has alway done: bringing hope to the hopless. WWJD is the limit to WIJD, we can not claim what jesus is doing until we firm on our foundation of WWJD.

    • Sean, good word. I think you’re right- if you don’t know Him you would not be able to see and hear what He’s doing- (His sheep hear His voice). As we join Him in the Great Co-(with)-mission we see God at work and we join Him in what He is doing in our generation. And yes. it is doing what He’s always done: bringing hope and healing to all who will turn to Him.

  4. “allow ourselves to be broken before God, confess our desperate need for Him, and bow to His purposes for us”

    This is so very true and I have seen this in my own life. In order to be rebuilt, we must first be broken. We must completely surrender to the Lord, putting all on the altar. It is absolutely amazing what the Lord can do when you give Him complete control. It is such a beautiful thing to watch His plan unfold. Without the Spirit, none of this would be possible! And yes, WIJD is a great question. What are WE doing to be more like Jesus is even better!

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