Posted by: Jeff Warren | April 20, 2008

“Don’t come to church.”

This may seem like a strange challenge from a pastor to his church family. But that’s exactly what I said. This Sunday, April 27th, everyone who is a part of FBC McKinney has decided not to go to church but to be the church. What happens when the church leaves the building?  The Church becomes what it was always meant to be. The Church was never intended to stay in the building.  If you’ve been around FBC lately, or if you’ve talked to someone who has, you know that an amazing shift is taking place among us. We’ve decided that we do not exist for ourselves but for others. Jesus has come to transform our hearts so that we can transform our world with His love.  We want Him to be Lord of our lives and we’ve decided to join Him in what He’s doing in the world.

Throughout April we’ve been challenging each person to “Transform Your World”. Hundreds of projects have been established by our members and we want you to join us. Go to our website and you’ll see all the Transform Your World information and how you can get involved. Many of the activities take place throughout the week and all weekend. Come rediscover the forgotten mission of Jesus and join us as we look at the Church and our world in brand new ways.  We desire to be a source of healing wherever we encounter injustice, discord, and neglect. We’re convinced that the Church Jesus envisioned is not an institution but a revolution of hope and healing to all people.

If Jesus lived in our community where do you think He would be found? We believe that if Jesus was in Collin County He would be among the least and the lost. His heart would break over those who have no food, no shelter, no healthcare, and no hope. He’s broken our hearts as well. That’s why we’ve joined such high-integrity partners as the Samaritan Inn, Children and Community Healthcare, McKinney Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity, Seed Sowers Prison Ministry, area nursing homes, and countless others. It will be a wild and wonderful display of the radical grace of Jesus.  The entire month will culminate on May 5th with our annual “Transform Your World” offering that will be given away to help share the love of Jesus around the world.  It is going to be an earth-shaking, heaven-descending kind of movement.  Watch while stories of redemption emerge as we go find Jesus on the move and join Him in what He’s doing.  McKinney, let’s partner together and transform your world!

You can hear more from Jeff at First Baptist Church of McKinney at one their six services. For locations, service times, podcasts, or to watch live, go to


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