Posted by: Jeff Warren | March 29, 2008

When the Church Leaves the Building

What happens when the church leaves the building?  We’re about to find out.  The truth is the Church spends most of its time outside the building and was never intended to stay in the building.  If you’ve been around First McKinney much lately, you know that we seek to be a church on mission with Jesus in the world.  Jesus has come to transform our hearts so we can transform our world with His love. 

Our focus in April is “Transform Your World” and throughout the month we’ll explore what happens “When the Church Leaves the Building”.   We seek to rediscover the forgotten mission of Jesus and begin to look at the Church and our world in brand new ways.  We seek to be a source of healing wherever we encounter injustice, discord, and neglect.  We believe that Jesus is the Answer and He is the One who brings hope and healing to all people through us.   

On April 27th we will literally “leave the building” and worship the Lord through service in our community.  Instead of going to church, we’re going to be the church.  Our entire church family will be on mission throughout the weekend.  It will be a wild and wonderful display of the radical grace of Jesus.  The entire month will culminate on May 5th with our annual “Transform Your World” offering.  It is going to be an earth-shaking, heaven-descending kind of movement of God’s people.  Watch while stories of redemption emerge as we go find Jesus on the move and join Him in what He’s doing.  (We’ve got a hunch as to where we might find Him- among the least and lost of our community). 

Jump in and hang on!



  1. Wow, I look forward to reading updates on this. I was involved with a small group that dedicated every other meeting to serving in the community. Here are a few of the projects we worked on…
    We worked on landscaping for the local Seamen’s Center (spread the gospel to sailors when they hit our port).
    Served a pancake breakfast and spent time with the children at the Baptist Children’s home (children who were either in foster care or orphans).
    Painted and did work for Eastern European Harvest (they bind Bibles in Russian and Chinesse and get them into places where Bibles are not very accessible) they also have groups of students on missions trips who come stay – on one trip we bound Bibles (yes, by hand) and on another we painted beds for their dorms.
    Served food at the Seaman Center for a Christmas program. That was fun, they foods from every country to accomidate the taste of so many from around the world.

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