Posted by: Jeff Warren | February 4, 2008

“the least of these”


You could smell it before you could see it.  Something was in the air… and it was not good.  I was at the city dump in Zone 3 of Guatemala City.  I was in the city preparing for a trip we’ll be taking this summer and I found myself in the midst of one of the worst humanitarian tragedies I’ve seen.  Here, thousands of people live and many survive off the dump heaps.  They rummage through the garbage every day to find something to eat, to keep, or to sell.  I was there late in the afternoon when I saw a woman walking away from the dump, her front completely covered with dark, wet filth.  She had obviously been going through the garbage much of the day.  I saw another woman (pictured above) carrying two very large bags of garbage up a hill.   

In a meeting with partnering pastors and leaders I met Carol.  Carol has a heart for the women who live around the dump.  Many of these women are single and were formerly (or are currently) involved in prostitution and drug use.  There is a kindergarten near by where many of these children come to be loved and cared for throughout the day.  At night, Carol teaches women how to sew so that they might have a means of income.  I told her I had to see this.  What I saw broke my heart and, at the same time, gave me hope. 

This summer I’m hoping to take a group of 70 to 100 people with me to Guatemala City to bring compassion, hope, and the love of Christ to the people there.  We’ll have a chance to make difference in this dark spot of the world.  I sensed the presence of Christ in this place.  I know that He loves the people there and I do too.  

I hope you’ll pray about coming with me.  Check out the “Transforming Your World” website at or just call our church office to find out how you can get involved.


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